Friday Favorites – Volume 3

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Hi there! Welcome back to Friday Favorites Volume 3! Friday Favorites is a place to share with you all my favorite finds of the week, including what I’ve been reading, watching, and listening to!

Data Science Articles – Friday Favorites

3 Ways to Scrape Data from PDFs – This tutorial by Andrew Treadway is a great resource for extracting data from those pesky PDFs. Andrew’s entire website is full of great content I’d recommend checking out! It’s a great resource for any budding data analyst or data scientist who doesn’t have control over how they get their data!

Sending Emails in Python – This tutorial by The Python Guru is one of those articles that reminds me why I love Python! The tutorial covers an excellent step-by-step process on how to send emails via Python, which will surely come in handy in any data analysts tool belt.

Check out some other Python tutorials on datagy, including our complete guide to styling Pandas and our comprehensive overview of Pivot Tables in Pandas!

6 Python Projects for Beginners – Project-based learning is a fantastic way to learn any language, and Python is no different! These project ideas are great for beginners, helpful for learning data science, and can be a good refresher for those who have stepped away from Python for a while.

Download SQL Guide for Beginners

To download the full guide in a beautiful PDF, a SQL Cheat Sheet, and a database file to play along with, click here!

Other Links I Liked – Friday Favorites

Town in Iceland Paints 3D Zebra Crosswalk – This article is a little bit old but it always reminds me of the power of creativity in sectors that aren’t traditionally “creative”. It’s a wonderful reminder of how art and can enhance even stranger places like streets!

Why Slow Mornings May Be the Secret to Tech-Life Balance – This article is a great introduction to slowing down and finding ways to find calm in these crazy, wild, turbulent times that we’re finding ourselves in now.

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