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Author of Introduction to Python for Data Science
NikData Lover

Nik has worked in the realm of data management and analytics for over a decade. He works with organizations to activate their data, build up data fluency, and communicate data more effectively.

What is

Nik is the owner and founder of datagy, which provides free and premium resources for learning data analytics!

datagy isn’t just a website for you to copy and paste code. We strive to guide you through the process of really understanding data analytics. We also often provide free resources as part of our tutorials to help guide you along your journey!

There is content for everyone – those just starting out, or the seasoned Python user. We provide tips and tricks to guide you through your learning to foster true understanding of the various tools available within the realm of data science!

datagy in other corners of the internet!

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I frequently also write on other sites, such as Towards Data Science. These articles give you a better sense of what datagy is about! Check out some of our posts below:

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Automate these boring Excel tasks with Python!

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