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Python Print All Object Properties Cover Image

Python: Print an Object’s Attributes

Learn how to print all of a Python object’s attributes using the dir() and vars() functions, and how to print pretty using the pprint module.

Python Split a List (In Half, in Chunks) Cover Image

Python: Split a List (In Half, in Chunks)

Learn how to split a Python list into n chunks, including how to split a list into different sized sublists or a different number of sublists.

Python Flatten List of Lists Cover Image

Python: Flatten Lists of Lists (4 Ways)

Learn how to use Python to flatten a list of lists, including using the itertools library, list comprehension, and multi-level lists of lists.

Python Remove Newline Characters from String Cover Image

Python: Remove Newline Character from String

In this post, you’ll learn how to use Python to remove newline characters from strings, including how to replace all or trailing newlines.

Pandas Add Date to a Date Column Cover Image

Pandas: Add Days to a Date Column

Learn how to use Pandas to add days to a date column, both constant values and based off another column, using the Pandas timedelta function.