Friday Favorites – Volume 10

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Hi there! Welcome back to Friday Favorites Volume 10! Friday Favorites is a place to share with you all my favorite finds of the week, including what I’ve been reading, watching, and listening to!

Check out some other Python tutorials on datagy, including our complete guide to styling Pandas and our comprehensive overview of Pivot Tables in Pandas!

Data Science Articles – Friday Favorites

Logarithms Explained in the Style of Bob Ross – Logarithms are a “must understand” piece of math for anyone doing serious data work. But they’re not a fun topic to learn about – until now! Check out the video below for a fun watch!

How to Becomes a Software Developer without a CS Degree – An overview of those who’ve been wanting to switch careers into software development but don’t want to (or can’t) commit to getting a new degree. It provides unique insights into the journey and a solid dose of motivation.

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Other Links I Liked – Friday Favorites

How the Mansion in Parasite was Created – This short video covers the making of the mansion found in the Best Picture winner, Parasite. It gives incredible insight into the meaningful art that goes into set design, especially when it is done with such incredible purpose and intent behind the work.

Flowers from in Ice – Pictures of flowers frozen in ice. And they look unbelievably stunning! The amount of colour is fantastic. Scrolling through is an amazing experience to really dive into the colours.

The Size of Objects in Space – Literally, the size of objects in space. This gives an incredible perspective into what’s going on in solar system. It enthralling to keep scrolling and see items scale in size and scope.

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